Breakdown for Why Resist Desperation

A film by Raven Productions and Batovision!

Two girls have a change of fate when they meet up one day at a taco stand.

Cast needed:

Girl: (aged early 20's), dirty blonde short hair, feathered, a bit tomboyish, multiple earrings at least in one ear, smoker(at least can fake it), tough girl, required to kiss a girl, passionately. NO NUDITY, short (5''3-5'5"), thin, stocky or slightly muscular is preferred.

Synopsis: Girl enters taco stand in hopes of robbing the place for drugs but finds happiness instead through love of another, who tosses away her mundane job for a life full of adventure.

Why Resist Desperation?

By Rachel Galvin
Copyright 2003


"Linda", aka Counter Girl= plain looking but cute girl works at the pizza/ taco stand. She is unhappy with her job. Her life has become humdrum. She does her job well but as a routine. Her life is a day to day existence, boredom.

"Jwanna", aka Hard Bitch, Druggie Girl= Life has taken this girl to the edge and back and this scene is the edge. She has run away from home a few years ago and lives on the streets, She has no one but herself. She is a survivor, street smart. She has turned to small time drugs as something to do, a distraction. She isn't really addicted but makes the whole experience more potent by believeing that she is. She wants to be a victim to it, desperate. She craves the adventure. Today she has hit her highest peak. She is going to rob the taco/ pizza stand in order to take the money and buy bigger drugs. The high is not enough anymore. But when she attempts to do it, she realizes how fake everything has become and how it means nothing to her anymore. Her life has become about the next big high and she has lost herself completely, the one thing that she had left. She becomes immediately vulnerable in a way she hasn't been for years...something she can only do with a stranger, whom she feels won't harm her. Then she realizes it is only in others that she can find happiness. She is ready now...-

Opening Page
1) LS of Counter Girl behind counter, cleaning up, wearing apron, looking scruffy,tired
2) MS of Counter Girl behind counter, cleaning, POST: STARRING RACHEL GALVIN
3) LS of Druggie Girl walking by some buildings, wearing jean jacket, multiple earrings, hands in pockets, maybe smoking, looking nervous, maybe pacing
4) CU on Counter Girl smiling as someone enters
5) MS of Druggie Girl walking into store, opens door
6) CU on Counter Girl's terrified eyes
7) CU on Druggie Girl's hand holding gun
8) LS of Druggie Girl holding gun at me, V/O: Counter Girl: Why?
9) MS of Druggie Girl holding gun at my head while still behind counter
10) MS of Counter Girl looking scared, unsure, V?O: ME: Resistence
11) LS of Druggie Girl jumping over counter
12) LS of Counter Girl opening cash drawer and looking anxious while she holds gun to my head
13) CU on drawer with money
14) CU on money in Counter Girl's hand
15) MS of transaction as Counter Girl hands Druggie Girl the money, she looks at it and puts her arm down with gun in hand. V/O: Druggie Girl: Desperation
16) MS of Druggie Girl grabbing money, starts crying, turns and holds money in hand but puts hands up to face as she cries with back turned
17) MS from above as Druggie Girl crumples to floor, crying and money falls on floor all around her.
18) MS of Druggie Girl with money around her
19) MS of Counter Girl comforting Druggie Girl, V/O: Druggie Girl: Why?
20) CU of Counter Girl holding her from behind. V/O: Counter Girl: desperation
21) CU of Counter Girl turning her head and kissing her: V/O: Druggie Girl: Resistence
22) CU of lips kissing
23) CU of girls smiling at each other
24) MS of girls gathering money and standing up
25) LS of Counter Girl taking off apron and throwing it on floor, puttinghand out to ask for gun and Druggie Girl hands it to Counter Girl.
26) CU of Counter Girl putting gun in back of waistband
27) LS of both girls, both with money in hand, walking out of store, you see their backs
28) LS of Counter Girl standing next to Druggie Girl outside and shooting at window: Reads: Why resist desperation?
29) CU of bullet holes: Music starts
30) LS of Counter Girl hugging Druggie Girl, they are skipping, playing, laughing, spanking as they go down street.
31) CU of money laid out with gun on top in grass
32) MS of girls laying next to each other and holding each other near a river, maybe alfalfa in our mouth.
33) Credits roll
34) End