Sound for Video Services

Our sound studio is an entity unto itself. We can design, compose and implement your productions' sonic palette so that dialog, background music, score, sound effects, ambience, off-camera sounds, etc., combine and compliment each other in a coherent blend that suits the purpose.

The Ingredients

Our sonic scientists have at their hands an impressive collection of both digital and analog sythesizers. These include the Kawaii k1 synth, Xs and k5m modules; the korg prophecy, MS120 vintage, and 707 performance synth; Yamaha psr120 and dx100 synths ; vintage Arp Omni2, Crumar Orchestrator, and multivox synths. These are all controlled with one PC that has a keyboard controller, guitar controller and drum pad controller.

Our musical instrument collection includes six custom wired guitars, four acoustic guitars, one 12 string, one tiple, one Balalaika, an Oud, a bass guitar, djembe, tamborines, and three drum machines.

We also have on hand a library of sound effects purchased from the wonderful Hollywood Edge which we reccomend for high quality, clean unclipped signals with no noise. The sfx library also includes our own studio recorded horror sounds made by the staff.

We carefully tweek each sound elements with BBE sonic enhancement, compression, dparametric and graphic equalization, psychoacoustic processing, and stereo image tuning. Each element is then brought to video using Adobe Premiere 6.1 on a Matrox real time engine.

The final output is first to VHS for approval. After the last final version is approved and signed off, master copies are burned onto three miniDV, two SVHS, two VHS, and two digital video copies are burned into quicktime files for CDR viewing . MPG1, MPG2, .avi, and other popular formats.