Producer's Showcase

Batovision is proud to provide repurposing of last century's video formats
for Television Producers that may still have their demo reel on Beta, Umatic 3/4", or VHS.
We will be happy to reprocess the colors, black levels, margin cropping, denoising, etc., of your content,
digitize it and reformat your video into VideoCD for computer viewing, DVD for set-top viewing,
or any of several web format to post on our producer's showcase.

Batovision has the following packages available:
1- Basic Plan: includes source conversion for up to thirty minutes (30) of original footage
to digital DV25 format with reprocessing, video titles,
ten (1) labelled CDR copies of one each quicktime .mov,
microsoft .avi versions of the digitized footage,
two VHS analog copies for viewing
and two mini-DV digital copies of the final master digital output.

2-Addtional ten (1) labelled CDR's : $100

3-Additional ten (10) labelled VHS or SVHS: $100

4-Showcase : Batovision has a showcase for our clientele to which we will post
up to five one minute video clips, their resume or other information, and contact info.

For only $100 a month we will post your Producer's Demo Reel
and you will be able to market yourself worldwide, anywhere the inernet reaches!.

email us at for an order form