Press and Publicity Sevices

Batovision is proud to offer the independent artist a means to create a press image,
with a carefully planned campaign of regular press releases with information
sent to local, national, and/or international newspapers, entertainment magazines, etc.
We use currently published lists for up-to-date press contacts and can send out from 100 to 1000 releases per week for you, depending on the area

Our services options for local and national lists are :

1 - Basic Plan with Text Based Press Releases

This is a great starter to announce gigs and events!

2 - Silver Plan with Text Based Press Releases with Photo Attachments (you supply photo)

This plan sends photos out to press so that the photos can be published with your press information

3 - GOLD Plan with Text Based Press Releases plus Photo and Video Attachments
(you supply video & we host)

this plan lets the writers see a web-posted video segment of your show with your press releases!
People used to send video tapes - NO MORE!

4 - Platinum Plan with all of the above USING OUR PHOTOG/VIDEO on location!

Price Structure

Plan Features Local National International
Basic Text Based Press Releases $100 $250 $400
Silver Text Based Press Releases with Photo Attachments $150 $300 $400
Gold Text Based Press Releases with Photo & Video Attachments $250 $500 $600
Platinum Our photog with video and still cams cames to your gig $EMAIL US n/a n/a

About Our Services

We will write clear press releases for you that will contain the location,
date, and time of your event with a publicity blurb on the band or entertainer.
You will need to provide this information to us as soon as the event is booked,
preferably thirty days but not less at least ten days ahead of the event for local press
and 45 days for national press to give time for preproduction
at each newspaper, media outlet, magazine, etc.....