Batovision's Photogallery

Our Many Great Talents!

Batovision's studios has provided photographic services for many local models, actresses, and other talented people. Here we seek a collection of shots from some of those shoots.
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Jacqueline "jackie" Rionda

Our preeteen starlet, Jackie is a budding singer and child model. She is effervescent, energetic, delightful to work with, has exceptional hair, and is very pretty. Batovision is proud to have her in our Hall of fame.
Jackie Rionda see her PORTFOLIO

Heather Salway

Heather is an actress and model, furthering her career with Batovision's assistance in her portfolio. She is of Irish descent, very talented, very dedicated and enthusiastic and a pleasure to work with.
Heather Salway see her PORTFOLIO

Dana Burck

The incredibely talented Dana Burck is blessed with a wonderful sense of rhythm and style, contributing to her suave vocal stylings. hear her at
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Alicia Kirchner

The wonderfully energetic and strangely qualified Alicia Kirchner is a talent in a whole new category of emotion, synergy and connection. Her talents go back to her high school days where she amazed new audiences with each performance. Batovision is proud to have Ms K as part of our distinct troup of worldwide talent .
Alicia Kirchner headshot interview

Martina Mehta

The highly incredible Martina Mehta is a dedicated actress of impeccable delivery and wonderful charisma. A native of Ft Lauderdale, Ms Mehta is also a consumate vocalist and plays in her band constantly. As of late she sang background for James Brown.
Martina see STILLS read her BIO

Saskia Gonzalez

The very versatile Saskia Gonzalez is a unique actress that trascends established boudnaries to give a new perspective and energy to the silver screen or small screen equally. Her energy passes thru and gives viewers a transcendental experience unequalled.
Saskia Gonzalez her photos

Toinette Ravelo

The very deep Toinette E Ravelo is a dedicated thespian of unending energy, a spirit of boundless passion. She has been in film and theatre and is classically trained in piano.
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