Music Performance Recording

in glorious
MaxNoise Sound & Vision

We are proud to offer the local South Florida independent artist
the opportunity to have their musical performances filmed onto MiniDV,
edited and titled in glorious digital wonderland
and printed on CDRs, SVHS, miniDV, hi8, Beta, or regular VHS tapes with labels and the cases


the increasing list of incredible talent to have the visual power
of their performances available for sending to talent and booking agencies,
and as merchandise for sale to fans.

Nothing gets gigs like a Demo Video!!!

About Our Services

Batovision is proud to offer an economic solution for the video needs of independent artists. We record to high quality miniDV Digital format with over 400 lines of resolution and edit in digital format to maintain the image throughout the process. Titling, transitions, cuts and fades are used to produce a quality suitable for final sales to fans, distribution to booking agents, or for performance review by the management of a band.

While we DO NOT COMPETE with MTV style, Oliver Stone type of choreography best left to more complete camera crews with lighting technicians, makeup artists, wardrobe adviser(s), choreographers, etc.,etc.,etc.,etc...(translation: $$$$$$$$$$), our video products will show the artist's performance in its most stark elegance, with no techno razzle-dazzle to cover for lack of talent or otherwise....


We do have inhouse spedial effects capability and can have you sing on Mars, explode (in the software, not PHYSICALLY!), fly through space, turn you pink/purple/blue/whatever.... our only limits will be YOUR TIME AND BUDGET. Let us price out a package for you.

Our video services have flexibility of production to offer. Each package is varied in length, and includes:

15,30,60,90, or 120 length of event
typesetting for tape & case labels
video tape top & side labels
miniDV, HI8 video or Super8 film format event capture
Digital Mastering & Editing
On-tape titles, credits,etc
Case with printed labels
Still Pictures for picture labels


CD Soundtrack from the Video !!!
Complete with labels for cd face, jewel case & tray

We can also make Photo Booklets with stills from the video!

for a quote email us