Logline Synopsis:

When a streetwise martial moves to a new city in search of an internet stranger. He inadvertently discovers the truth behind his father's fourteen year old unsolved murder, after he joins up with a crime syndicate and falls in love with the one person who may hold the key to the mystery.

Full Synopsis:

Jimmy D. and some of his crew are blown away in his home by a bomb delivered by Manchester's (Boss Man) most dangerous henchmen, John Henry and Patch Eye.

Sheffield wakes up from another dream of his father being shot to death. He chats over the internet with his mysterious, on-line friend, Shea a girl from Miami, the city which he decides to head back to in hopes of finding some answers.

Senator Johnson receives a threatening phone call from Manchester reminding him of their deal and that he had better comply. Senator Johnson places a call out to Detective Ray Williams for help.

Evan, Ashira, and Corean meet and discuss Ashira's mysterious Internet friend, a guy she shares poetry with and feels a strange connection to.

Det. Ray Williams, working undercover as Diamond, suspects his every move is being watched by Manchester's men. He gets word that Sheffield is returning to Miami, unexpectedly.

The remaining survivors of Jimmy D's crew; Dedrick, Pierre, and Dante meet to discuss their revenge on the Family headed by Evan and Ashira, whom they suspect were involved in the murder of their boss, Jimmy D.

When arriving in Miami, Sheffield meets Monroe, whom he gives the name, "Suitcoat" A strange and seemingly homeless man, Sheffield rescues from a scuffle with two thugs.

Sheffield's first night of celebration with the Family at their private club, is interrupted by the mayhem caused when Jimmy D.'s remaining crew arrive for their vengeance.

Det. Williams searches the airports and bus terminals for any trace of Sheffield's arrival before his next meeting with Manchester.

After separating himself from the Family's members, Sheffield makes a phone call to Williams. The two meet and after a brief argument, Williams offers Sheffield a proposition, to work for the Senator. Williams figures the job would keep Sheffield occupied and out of harm's way.

Sheffield and Ashira make the discovery of their Internet identities when she shows up at Sheffield's place unannounced and with unlawful entry.

Manchester orders Zerrok to bring Sheffield to him for an initiation test, Zerrok has his own agenda, which doesn't include Sheffield surviving the game.

Dedrick, Dante, and Pierre, request a meeting with the Family to call a truce, which turns out to be a trap arranged by Zerrok and Dederick.

Ashira is uncomfortable about Manchester's big shipment. Senator Johnson confesses his involvement with Manchester to Det. Williams in hopes of turning the wheels of the law in his favor, saving the life of his daughter, Evan and himself.

A final attempt by Jimmy's crew, under the influence of Zerrok and his plot against Sheffield plays Evan right into the hands of Manchester.

With Det. Williams still undercover, Senator Johnson arrives downtown too late, and finds his daughter on the brink of death with neck broken, but still alive. He has her rushed to the hospital.

While captured by Manchester, Det. Williams and Sheffield learn the truth about Manchester's involvement in the murder of Det. Marcus Daylon, Sheffield's father and Williams's old friend and partner. Ashira, overhearing the conversation, learns of her own slain father, as well as her connection with Sheffield.

Once freed from the ropes that held them captive, Det. Williams and Sheffield are led by Ashira, along with Corean and Reese, through the underground passageways to put a stop to Manchester's shipment and entire operation.

Both Sheffield and Ashira confronted with the choice of taking a life in order to right the wrongs bestowed upon their lives as they face off with the mastermind responsible for each their fathers' deaths.

Outside the hospital as Williams pays a visit to Senator Johnson, who sits waiting at his daughter Evan's side. Sheffield joined by Ashira, Reese and Corean has his last words with Suitcoat. After, sees a quick flash of what he thinks was his mother and father from across a busy street.

The story ends with Sheffield and Ashira pushing her mother in a wheel chair along the beach, with Reese and Corean nearby, Williams with his girlfriend, Senator Johnson with Evan in the hospital in recovery, and the narration of the poem: N DIS LAND WE DIEŠ. Their healing begins.