Batovision eFilms

proudly announces a joint venture with Lovejoy Productions for the upcoming movie

"N Dis Land We Die"

batovision is lending many of its services to the film, including preplanning, preproduction, promotions, photography, graphics, filming, sound effects, soundtrack recording & mastering, ADR, color correction, funding identification and solicitation, and other administrative and technical duties to the film.

This film is written by and stars Arico Shango as the main character. Read his bio

Read the synopsis.

Casting for the movie will be on Sunday, July 6th at 2:00 PM at 1975 ne 147th lane in North Miamii.

The main cast to be filled will consist of:

three beautiful but deadly ladies -

a "halle- berre" type of fighter that is still intelligent and articulate...
a seductress shooter than plays men...
a quiet knife thrower and fighter that likes to clown around...

Eleven "GANSTA" heavies -

Patch Eye (very strong man with a patch eye)
Big John (large man)
the senator (ominous skulking sweating swearing land shark of a human)
ZOROK ( tall skinny muscular twitchy type wiseass)
JC (wiseguy comedian turned hood)
Suitcoat (anglelic bum wtih large vocaulary and mnay prophecies....)
da CRIME BOZZ ( ill mannered wanna-be-mafia, new yawk accent, heavy set, used to be kinderrgarden teacher)
MANCHESTER (slow talker, always mean, slight stutter, very strong)

Investors, Sponsors and Product placement

opportunities are here to help us fund mostly legal, insurance, and productions costs.
YOUR COMPANY can recieve "soft advertising" nationwide by having your
clothes lines, sneakers or shoes, eyeglasses, food, drink or other beverage, or other product
seen in the movie being used or consumed by the characters.

CONTACT US NOW! Call Arico Shango at 954.709.4894 or email