Welcome to Batovision's latest short film, THE KILLER TACO. This soon-to-be classic is a musical psychological thriller, where an unsuspecting robber walks into a taco shop he will wish he'd never gone to. A full cast of crazies that sing and rap, and break into dance numbers without warning nor reason.

Work is underway on the final script and movie design, complete with operatic musical performances, a very diverse soundtrack, and mind-blowing dialog.

Our Characters:

MAUDE - a sexy but misunderstood New Yawker with attutude.
washes hair for a living but wans to be a singer/dancer. She raps and loves hip hop. She'd bi-curious.

Gretchen - beautiful older, foreign gay lady with slavic accent [boris'n'natasha??]

KILLER - big biker with nasty attitude that wants to hold up the taco shop. easily scared. nervvous. stutters.

Girly - Stray nerdish customer, does a strip dance to a radio song to try to save the day. sings like a lion. Crazy hair. stutters and has speech impediment when she speaks but not when singing or rapping

LADY - violin ase carrying lady with a thinks southern accent and waaaay tooooo much makeup. sassy but soft. mae west on steriods. lifetime of 11 bad husbands ( all dead now) turned her gay. very tattood including long legs . miniskirted.

EEKO - Older gentleman, quiet, gawks a lot, wears an overcoat, makes odd noises......... short rap at end of movie.

GRILL - large bald man over the grill...few teeth... tattoo'd all over. high voice and very sqeemish. british or scottish accent.

CASH - the wimpish country girl with a loud crazy voice. unafraid of anyone or anything. nasty attitude. country accent and talks with a twang.

CLARK - businessman in suit that comes to buy tacos for family. lots of ring. thick mexican accent. wants to be a comedian and makes bad jokes.

DWANE - raging boyfried of maude, sexy but sexist beefcake with a new yawk accent. He'e a poet, a closet rapper, and a college literature professor. sometimes sensitive but mostly personality

Storyline -

the beginning of the movie find maude and dwane in a passionate, romantic scene. deeply in love they snuggle until he says, "yo maudey........ get me a beer......" at which she gets pissed, and cusses at him..... they fight and argue. she hits him and he gets dressed and leaves........ A girlfriend calls her on the phone and they agree to go shopping....... on the way to the town store they get hungry and stop off at a taco place, unsuspecting that they will be spending the next 24 hours as the hostage of a crazed man's holdup attempt. Unknown to the killer, however there's something peculiar about that meat in the tacos......

With an original soundtrack, this movie promises to be an adventure for thehuman senses like none other!