We are proud to announce that casting is open for our 2005 production of "MIAMI HONEYMOON",
a psycho latino dramatic musical thriller.......... like NOTHING ever seen before, guaranteed........

This wonderful story is about a latin family, their son, his new yankee bride,
their honeymoon, a van and traffic....

Batovision Films is seeking actors for several characters:

Honey: new bride, just got married to Gonzo... yankee black girl from conneticut [H]
Gonzo: new groom, just married Honey [G]
Madre, aka "Mamita": mother to Gonzo, sweet and sexy but very DEMANDING [M]
Tia : Wisebut Oversexed Auntie to Gonzo [T]
Frita: Gonzošs little 12 year old sister [F]
Kaco: Gonzošs muy-macho but very paranoid uncle, married to TiaŠ.. [K]
Baby Omar: 2 year old crying child, very spoiled
Nita: Gonzošs 91 year old Grandmother [N]
Kwanda: Honey's best friend, a large girl with LOTS of advice..... divorced five times....
Loco: nervous uncle, prone to flashbacks from life on a cuban farm.....

This film will be produced in HIALEAH SPANGLISH, has comedic highlights, several musical numbers, but a heavy psychodramatic tone.

Interested Actors should send a headshot and resume to:

Batovision Films, 8581 sw 36 street, Miami Fl 33155 attn: Mijo

Auditions will be scheduled for march'05, with production planned to starting in june'05.

We will be accepting headshots thru snailmail, and will contact those indivuduals that HAVE sent the headshots/resumes as specified for an audition date and time.

All are encouraged to send in their headshots as we may be able to place you in another production EVEN if you do not make the casting for this feature...... NEVER IN CINEMA HISTORY HAS ANYTHING LIKE THIS EVER BEEN DONE!
be part of the future TODAY.............