We are proud to present our


, offering a choice of musical performance selections,
digitized analog footage from clients, animations, and short movies in quicktime progressive format.

READ about our vintage 8mm, super8, and 16mm film cameras.

Read about OUR NEW BATOVISION CAST! this collective of incredible talent will be coming new to the silver screen in our film and made-for-tv productions.

for 2007


"THE MORE I KNOW YOU THE LESS I LIKE YOU", romantic comedy.....
"What is THAT you're SINGING?", a dark musical story of a songwriter and her experiences
trying to reach her dreams...

"THAT CALL", a suspence thriller about a woman and her telephone harrasser....

Batovision continues development of "HONEYMOON IN MIAMI", a comedic musical psychodrama about a yankee black gril, her new hispanic husband, his family, and a van stuck in traffic....read the
AUDITION NOTICE and partial script and song lyrics

Read about other works in development,
"THE PASSION AND THE BEAT", an epic romance musical currently casting;
" LA LLAMADA" a latino psycho thriller;
Rachel Galvin's WHY RESIST TEMPTATION, a gothic crime romance;
THAT KILLER TACO, musical psychological thriller currently casting;
IT ONLY KNOCKS ONCE a dramatic industrial thriller under development;
THE AUTOGIOGRAPHY OF A MUNICIPAL WORKER, a dark musical comedy about a government worker's life.
WHO DAT HO?, a deep urban musical thriller about a serial killer and a house party.

Our Films & Music Videos

Our independent movie "TO MINE OWN SELF BE TRUE"
wrtten by and starring actress/poet Rachel Galvin. Watch the teasers, trailers, ads, and photo gallery

Our independent movie "Beware of the GIRL"
wrtten by SHARI VERONA and starring actress/singer Martina Mehta Watch the teasers, trailers, ads, and photo gallery

My Beach Buzz
Our Premiere short indie video from the upcoming Intoxication Simulation Network

Musidora's Videos playing all over as
we showcase several videos, photos, and an interview with lead singer Meredith.

Teenage Miami-based sensation! Recorded and Edited in-house. contact her at www.dyannamusic.com

Cactus Rose with guest STACY one fine halloween night in South Miami.

One of our many 3D visualization animationsm designed and rendered
in Vue D'Esprit from www.e-onsoftware.com AMONYA GONZALEZ
Actress & Musical Artist Diane Bostick's comedic character

Batovision Ad

Video Collage
by visual artist Sandra Powers, edited and all soundtrack/sfx one in-house

Erica Sommer,singer/songwriter of great emotion and energy.
Video Portfolios ONE at Tropical Park and TWO.
visit www.erica-sommer.com.

Broadcast Graphics Demo
for indie label SHEIKIN RECORDS.

a multimedia collage of video, stills, and sounds

ABOUT THE QUALITY: you are basically drinking from the ocean through a coffestraw....
your inexpensive [translation CHEAP!] line gives you maybe 56k.... A CDR does 3.5Mbs..
like 70 straws at once. minDV does 25Mbs of Standard Def......
SO: the great miracle of computer compression has given us vision,
but not like your eyes or that TV on the broadband cable!!!

that's a smaaall wire coming into yer house, folks!!
NOW IF YA WANT REAL QUALITY, send us an email and
we'll send ya physical media for your living room's DVD player that is AMAZING.....
and by the way, even that's mp2/mp4/mp7/mpX encoded to fit ALL THAT INFO thru
the provervial coffee straw, but good enough for that limited technology you watch.



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