Batovision held its first auditions on Sunday Jan 11, 2003, at Miami, florida's Wallflower Gallery. Great talent proliferated all afternoon thru. We are grateful to our Casting Director Jenny Kelchner for dedicating a Sunday afternoon to our cause.

From our first auditons we have found some very incredible talent to mermerize our viewing audiences. As we traverse the earth looking to bring our audience the most dramatic, most unique, and most distinctive thespians for our series of great film entertainment, we assure civilization will have a fresh approach to cinema that will influence modern entertainment forevermore.

These new talents will all have the benefit of joing the Batovision World of Distinct Entertainment for a New Century. Here we take on the major studios, who frivolously and needlessly spend millions on forgettable, lackluster entertainment line "GIGLI", and show how with REAL TALENT, INTRIGUING DIALOG, and fresh CINEMATIC techniques we create here great motion pictures. People will leave the house to become part of the interactive experience that is a Batovision movie.

We can truthfully say we have the STARS of Tommorrow here today!


Our Cast

Jose Alberto Taveras

The inimitable Dr Jose Alberto Taveras is a psychotherapist in his daily duties and brings a whole new dimension to acting, creating a unique tension and a vibe that transgresses the silver screen.

Jose Alberto Taveras headshot NEW TV SHOW

Michelle Gonzalez

About: Michelle Gonzalez is a wonderfully talented, beautifully charismatic actress with incredible energy and emotion. She brings quite a bit of training and experience with her. She is guaranteed to keep the audiences GLUED to their screens and unable to think clearly. Michelle is also an incredible singer, with a very wide vocal range. You can expect to find Michelle illuminating many of our upcoming features in leading roles in the very near future.

Michelle Gonzalez headshot audition video interview photos

Michael Gavino

The very versatile Michael Gavino brings to Batovision his experience and dramatic training, to lend an air of extended reality and provide an element of intrigue, like a "Sherlock Holmes" type of person. This amazingly flexible actor will keep our audiences on the edge of their seats and immobile. You can expect to see Michael in many upcoming productions.
Michael Gavino headshot audition

Sylvia Reyes

The very expressive and immensely talented Sylvia Reyes exudes energy and emotion, perfect for the wide range of emotional rollercoasters that become our films. Her captivating performances command an audiences attention throught the films, keeping people rivetted to their screens and coming back for more and more, as SHE IS WAYYYY too much for an average human to take in one day...... You can expect to see Sylvia in many upcoming productions.
Sylvia Reyes headshot audition

Tad Sharpe

The very dramatic Tad Sharpe is a man of great charisma and energy. Mr Sharpe's performance is guaranteed to keep audiences rivetted to their screens and entrhalled in each minute of Batovision's unique entertainment.
Tad Sharpe headshot publicity shot FILM & TV Credits Fusion 5-0 Prod Stills

Alicia Kirchner

The wonderfully energetic and strangely qualified Alicia Kirchner is a talent in a whole new category of emotion, synergy and connection. Her talents go back to her high school days where she amazed new audiences with each performance. Batovision is proud to have Ms K as part of our distinct troup of worldwide talent .
Alicia Kirchner headshot interview

Martina Mehta

The highly incredible Martina Mehta is a dedicated actress of impeccable delivery and wonderful charisma. A native of Ft Lauderdale, Ms Mehta is also a consumate vocalist and plays in her band constantly. As of late she sang background for James Brown.
Martina see STILLS read her BIO

Saskia Gonzalez

The very versatile Saskia Gonzalez is a unique actress that trascends established boudnaries to give a new perspective and energy to the silver screen or small screen equally. Her energy passes thru and gives viewers a transcendental experience unequalled.
Saskia Gonzalez her photos

Toinette Ravelo

The very deep Toinette E Ravelo is a dedicated thespian of unending energy, a spirit of boundless passion. She has been in film and theatre and is classically trained in piano.
Toinette Ravelo her photos