April 28th, centuries ago in galaxy far, far away (seriously, you think it's a joke) A being was born. He grew up in Dallas, Texas, where martial arts became a part of his existence early in life, at the tender age of seven. Arico, began learning Erishundo from his father, Master Lee Kung-Fu, who forged his own system combining the tactics of Jeet-Kune- Do, Aikido, and Tae-Kwon-Do, as Master Lee, was a devoted follower of Bruce Lee, and his philosophies of studying martial arts. Arico became more experienced in the arts; he later began studying under his father's colleagues, learning the disciplines of Tao (dow) Chi-Do, Mossi Kung-Fu, and the Tamairian fighting systems. Always having an active imagination, which made school very boring at times, as he conquered each grade level. It was around his sophomore year in high school, that he discovered his love for acting/writing. Acting was the answer to his active imagination, or daydreaming. He found that he could combine his three passions; martial arts, acting and writing and learn that he could follow the footsteps of his hero and role model, the great and legendary, Bruce Lee. Arico, landed his first role as an extra on Oliver Stone's J.F.K., the hunger for acting grew stronger with this small but enlightening experience. Theater and independent film offers would soon give him the foundation by which he could develop himself as a freelance-working actor. News of a stunt school, North Texas Stuntmen Association, being started in Dallas, attracted Arico's attention. He signed up immediately, and although the school's mission was short lived, Arico had written his first screenplay, an urban martial arts action film, "N DIS LAND WE DIE" Before independent filmmaking became the ultimate extravaganza in movie making it is today. Arico sought the path of producing his own film, as Spike Lee's, "SHE'S GOTTA HAVE ITŠ" opened many doors, creating new and bright ideas, for aspiring filmmakers. In 1997, he created his production company, Anjoy, now AngelJoy, Which will serve to produce, "N DIS LAND WE DIEŠ.", as well as collaborate and/or co-produce other films and work with other filmmakers.